Gary Paul opened his namesake studio 25 years ago after receiving his Masters of Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and his Bachelor's of Architecture from the Boston Architectural Center's School of Architecture.  Since that time, the firm has produced an extensive body of work, ranging from new construction to all scales of renovation projects, interior design and landscape design, as well as commercial design projects.  While based in Manhattan, project locations extend from New York City to East Hampton, Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket, Door County Wisconsin to Westchester,  Fairfield, Putnum, and Litchfield Counties and the Catskills north of New York City, Chicago and the North Shore Suburbs, New Jersey, Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, the Caribbean, Canada and Ireland.



G P Incorporated Design Consulting approaches every project with an eye on the program with its opportunities and its constraints, and applies creative solutions to the contemporary issues of high-end design. From the first idea sketch, GPIDC is committed to contextual sensitivity and deeply appreciates the importance of every detail.  A timeless sense of style and a profound interest in proportion and order guide the design sensibility and allow the firm to bridge a wide range of architectural styles.  With stylistic purity in mind, environments are created around the desires, tastes and budgets of each client, allowing for the expression of their unique personalities.

GPIDC has designed residential projects that are steeped in the Beidermeier style of mid 19th century Vienna, the warmth and highly-decorative arts of late 19th - early 20th century English Arts & Crafts, as well as the sleeker modern and contemporary aesthetics of the 20th and 21st century. We have created rooms that are informed by the English Country style, French neo-classicism, and Bauhaus Modernism. While no project has been a historical recreation, using history as a reference gives our projects authenticity and keeps them from appearing dated. That in turn, creates value for our clients.

Gary has brought the same focus and attention to his design solutions for corporate clients creating restaurants, showrooms, corporate offices as well as model apartments and a bed & breakfast for clients such as  Caspari, Sanderson UK, Pony Sport, Lauder and The Related Companies.  Gary has also used his design talent and his office resources for participation in 10 designer showhouses since 1987.

While managing design commissions, Gary has always felt it important to be involved with the academic community, teaching the next generation of architects and interior designers. Gary is on the faculty at the Parson’s School of Design, and has been a guest instructor at the NY Institute of Technology, Altos de Chavon Design School in the Dominican Republic and the Roycemore School in Evanston, Il, as well as a guest critic at City College NY, Yale, Harvard, and the University of Illinois/Chicago. 

Gary is the President of the Board of the Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation and serves on the board of TeacherCount.  Other affiliations include: The Friends of Riverside Park, Central Park Conservancy, Santa Monica Conservancy, The Jerusalem Foundation, Historic Preservation, Royal Oak Society, and the National Trust of England, and the Stickley Home and Museum in Parsippany, New Jersey.